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  Joe Rice I.U. Indiana Paperweight
Only $148.00

  Fenton Tall Wine Bottle
Only $115.00

  Fenton Green Dancing Ladies Candy Jar
Only $115.00

  Depression Glass Yellow Hazel-Atlas Roxana Tumbler
Only $10.00

  Fenton Pink Poppy Lamp
Only $298.00

  Westmoreland Roses & Bows Wedding Bowl
Only $45.00

  Scarce Westmoreland Electric Blue Carnival Fox ** SOLD **
Only $139.00

  Pair of Joe St. Clair 2 Ball White Paperweight Lamps
Only $695.00

  Joe Rice Red White & Blue Paperweight Lamp
Only $650.00

  Joe St Clair Yellow Paperweight Lamp
Only $268.00

  St Clair St Clair / Joe Rice Lamp with Bemis Shade
Only $985.00

  Greentown Golden Agate Beaded Covered Dolphin
Only $785.00

  Stunning Maude & Bob St Clair Butterfly Paperweight
Only $368.00

  Joe Rice 2 Ball Purple Paperweight Lamp
Only $575.00

  Fenton Cranberry Opalescent Spiral Optic Hat
Only $55.00

  Fenton Blue Opalescent Small Vase
Only $18.00

  Green Depression Glass Comport
Only $13.50

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Westmoreland Glass is some of the most beautiful glassware ever made. Westmoreland Glass Company open in 1890 at Grapeville, Pa. English Hobnail was a big hit thru the Depression Glass years. Westmoreland Glass started to used the intertwined W G mark in 1949. Westmoreland Glass closed there doors for good in 1984. The book Westmoreland Glass " The Popular Years " 1940-1985 by Lorraine Kovar is one of the best identification & value guides available and highly recommended. Glassware, Milk Glass and Electric Lamps made by Westmoreland are all in this great book. Another great source of information is the Westmoreland Glass Club which you can find on my link page. Many different patterns and many different hand painted decorations were produce by Westmoreland Glass Company over the years including Roses & Bows, Ruby Floral, Panel Grape, Swirl & Ball, Waterford, Mary Greggory, American Hobnail, Beaded Edge, English Hobnail, Della Robin and Pastel Fruits. Milk glass, ruby, blue, amber are a few of many different colors Westmoreland made
This is just a small sample of the Westmoreland Glass avaiaible at Wawasee Antiques.

    Description Price Stock
1.   Rare Westmoreland Cobalt Carnival Raised Wing Swan ** SOLD **
Item No. 3105
$179.00 0
2.   Westmoreland Roses & Bows Honey Candy Jar
Item No. 8004
$18.00 0
3.   Westmoreland Beaded Bouquet M.O.P. Bell
Item No. 1098
$17.50 0
4.   Scarce Westmoreland Electric Blue Carnival Fox ** SOLD **
Item No. 3104
$139.00 0
5.   Westmoreland CD-1 Blue Cardinal Bird
Item No. 1066
$8.00 0
6.   Westmoreland Roses & Bows Wedding Bowl
Item No. 6123
$45.00 0
7.   Westmoreland 1943-1 Roses & Bows Urn Milk Glass
Item No. 1001
$68.00 0
8.   Westmoreland Milkglass English Hobnail Basket
Item No. 781
$13.50 0
9.   Westmoreland RL-3 Rose & Lattice Candy & Lid
Item No. 55552
$25.00 0
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